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After Your Workplace Injury, What Will You Do?

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Being injured on the job is frightening. Your head is filled with worries. If you did not lose consciousness, you are likely dealing with pain. If you wake up in a hospital room, it is even worse. You are also worried about how you will pay your medical bills. And then there is your family. They depend on you. What will you do?

Speak With An Attorney Who Understands You

When you call us, we will meet with you, in our office, at your home, even in your hospital room. Our attorney, Julio Cesar Román, is a Spanish speaker and can consult with you directly in your native language. We will speak with you about how the accident happened and once we are hired, we will immediately begin to investigate every element of your injury and your accident.

You Can Depend On Us

We know the difference between settling for any amount an insurance company offers and getting the amount you deserve for your injuries. Julio Cesar Román, ESQ always fights to get you the most money possible to compensate for your loss wages, medical bills, as well as your pain and suffering. We understand the tactics that insurance company lawyers will use to try to limit or minimize your recovery.

The Full Extent Of Your Injuries

We will work to make certain that the full extent of your injuries is known. Insurance companies may try to settle a case early, before you know just how badly you are hurt. We will work to protect your right to full compensation for all of your injuries, not just the obvious ones.

Julio Cesar Román is an experienced Personal Injury attorney and do his best to maximize the value of your case through a painstaking examination of every element of your accident to reveal a clear picture of what really happened. Attorney Román is affiliated with Jaroslawicz and Jaros, which is the premier Personal Injury law firm in New York City, with over $1 Billion recovered for their clients in the past 45 years.

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We can come to you, no matter your location. We will discuss your accident and how we can help. It is important that you contact us as soon as you are able, as we need to begin our investigation as soon as possible to ensure that you receive the full compensation you deserve. Call us anytime at 866-701-6729 or reach us online. Hablamos Espanol.